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The Magic Garden

The teddy bears are going to have a picnic in the Magic Garden under the shade of a magic tree, home to cuddly woodland creatures and fairies. The children become tree guardians, but a knotted handkerchief reminds Mr. Forget-me-not to cut down the tree. Oh dear! Luckily Auntie Mimi has a plan, and with the help of the animals, together they prevent a disaster to an invisible fairy world which only they can see.

Can you think of anything better than a picnic in a magic garden? It sounds wonderful doesn’t it? This is an enchanting, multi-sensory show with puppets and music, which is sure to delight children of all ages. You will be amazed to see them spellbound, as the garden beautifully reveals its mystery.

After the show, there is face or hand painting for those who want it.

Top Ten in the U.K. Arts Council funded family activity
#National Lottery Days: Ten Great Days Out for our 2017 Devon Libraries Tour.

Best age group: 2 – 6 years (babies will enjoy watching with a parent).

Duration: One hour show, plus face or hand painting (two hours maximum)

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We bring you the best in children’s entertainment, so bring your teddy bears and join in the fun.

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‘We’d love you to come back.’

‘Brilliant! Very hard to please 4 year old was transfixed!’

‘All the children were completely engaged’

‘I don’t know how you do it – it’s magic.’

‘The babies just loved watching the little animals and butterflies.’

‘My son was so captivated – he was shouting: No, don’t chop the tree.’

‘Can you do it again?’

‘I could hear the fairies, they were twinkly.’

‘We really enjoyed the magic garden, it was beautifully put together, my 2 year old was really engaged throughout. Thank you for creating something so captivating.’ (Laura Turner, 30.8.17)

 ‘Absolutely brilliant. Great staging, fun stories and involved all the children in the show. Highly recommended.’ (Sadie Moisan, 30.8.17)

 ‘Saw you in Ilfracombe library and my 3 year old loved every minute. Thank you.’  (Charley Prentice, 23.8.17)

‘It looked beautiful, sounded beautiful, just a wonderful, magical experience in every way.’ (Parent, Vox Pop video 2017)