"Engaging, funny, interactive, relevant - FABULOUS."

"Language/vocab was really appropriate, children were enthralled and excited the whole time."

"Great variety of acting, miming, jokes, story telling, use of imaginative play."

"Creative questioning, enthusiastic and positive responses to children."

"The format really helped to draw out their imagination."

"... the (Groovin' with Grandma) dance class was such a great idea."

"At West Hill we do some brilliant story writing, but this has really inspired us.”

West Hill Primary School, 3.5.23

All enjoyed it and were engaged, even those with SEN. Loved the repetition, motorbike and enthusiasm! Thank you.’

Ark at Avanti, 4.4.23 (HAF Group ages 3-10 years)

‘The children really enjoyed the songs. We did listen to them beforehand so I know that with my class in particular, they were really excited when they heard you singing the songs. The children all really enjoyed the show and this was clear from their laughter. It was just the right length of running time too. Thank you for a lovely show.’

Sidmouth Primary School, 28.4.23

‘Thank you for a fabulous show and for giving us ideas on creating props to enhance our story telling.’

Little Popples Preschool, 5.5.23

‘Fantastic interaction. Great ideas to follow up. Very good understanding / adaptation of our audiences needs. Good idea to send the song links, thank you.’

Shebbear Primary School, 10.5.23

‘A wonderful experience for the children.’

‘Lovely mix of puppetry, music, audience participation, movement, listening. Beautiful set.’

Sandford School, 11.5.23

‘My class loved it! (Nursery, YR, Y1) Very inspiring. Thank you!’

‘Good mix of music, character interaction, and story telling. Interactive with audience, captivating presentation. Matched well to intended age group (4-8 years).'

‘I liked the beginning, middle and end concept and collecting adjectives from the audience.’

Brampford Speke C of E Primary School, 6.6.23

‘Great movement ‘dance routine’ - perfect to get our children refocused. Active participation for all children to share beginning, middle and story endings.’

Seaton Primary School, 7.6.23

'What a super interactive show with important key messages. So much to
follow up on in class and the children really enjoyed it. We look forward to
the next one!'

Marpool Primary School 9.6.23

‘Loved your manner with the children.’
‘Great theme, story writing, as will help children in Literacy.’
‘Loved how you used teacups that can turn into characters. Great for children to encourage role play.’
‘Great ways of involving all children.’

‘I liked it when the dog stole the cup cakes.’
‘I liked drinking the pretend tea.’
‘I liked the motorbike - wow they went fast.’

St Josephs’s Primary School, Exmouth, 4.7.23.

‘Really lovely performance! Children were engaged and learning without realising! Thank you.’
‘Very engaging! Lovely link to our Y2 topic on traditional tales. Pupils loved it!’
‘Lovely songs - I particularly liked the singing kettles!’

‘Great for getting the children thinking about accurate descriptions.’
‘Well structured - helpful for visually showing children story structure.’
‘Utensils to act out story was genius…’
‘Really engaging.’

Monkerton Primary School, 5.7.23.

‘The show was amazing, the children adored every minute!’

Yeo Valley Primary School, 6.7.23

‘I really liked the way you asked the children for their ideas and valued each response.’
‘Super links to story writing for this age range.’
‘I love the way you use everyday items to create characters, they really inspire imagination and imaginative play.’
‘Another magical experience for the children (and adults).’
‘Amazing performance!! Really enjoyed the use of song/music and the interaction with the children.’
‘It really got the children thinking about how they might write their own story.’

Sparkwell All Saints Primary School, Plymouth, 11.7.23.

‘The production supported the childrens’ ongoing understanding of story structure, characters and plot.’
‘The children were all thoroughly engaged, including those who find sitting and listening a challenge.’
‘Fantastic production!’


‘It was fantastic and I am 50!! Great, funny, entertaining.’
‘We really enjoyed it, thanks so much.’
‘The show was excellent.’
‘The interaction was very good. More please.’
‘It was fab - the children loved the bit where Rags tried to take the cakes.’
‘Brilliant interaction with children. We all loved it, thank you.’
‘Another fantastic show! I love watching the kids respond to the puppetry.
They are completely ‘in your world’ from the get go. Totally charming.’
‘We adored it!! Very engaging and creative. Thank you.’
‘Really clever.’
‘Thank you for igniting our imagination.’

Parents and grandparents of children aged 2 - 10.