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Shipwreck Sam Tour 2021

This show was performed to sell-out audiences at Exeter’s Boat Shed
Festival in 2017 and is now adapted for key stage one audiences in primary schools across Devon, with support from Arts Council England.

A tidal wave of imagination sweeps up our audience, landing them on far away Dead Ghost Island. There, together with their new friends Shipwreck Sam and Bonnie Betty, they join in a quest for treasure. A tale of friendship and rivalry, incorporating puppetry and physical comedy; the children are validated and empowered as they help the characters in their quest.

In this project we aim to address the detrimental impact of three lockdowns on school children who have missed out on a great deal of social interaction. Therefore, will be reconnecting children to traditional playground games, such as skipping, both during the performance and through digital engagement.

Teachers will have access to a film, made during this project, featuring
skipping games, which release endorphins and help with developing memory, communication, teamwork, co-ordination, creativity and friendship. Ropes are inexpensive, therefore affordable for economically disadvantaged families.

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